Pectus Ab

Pectus Ab started its business as consultants for smaller and large e-Commerce companies more than 10 years ago. After high demand from our customers we developed our own warehousing and pick and pack business.

Our daughter company, Pectus 24 Ab was the following natural step. Pectus 24 Ab has the right to send postal items from the Åland Islands to receivers in the whole world. The permission is granted by the Åland Governement. Rapidly we received the confidence from some of Scandinavia’s biggest e-commerce companies as postal customers. 

When we started 10 years ago our focus was e-Commerce (or mailorder actually) and we are still focusing on e-Commerce and also magazine and letter distribution and to every day find the optimal solution for our customers. This is what we do!


Pectus Group:

The Pectus Group consists of five different companies that all manage different fields of the logistic chain:

These five companies work together to provide you a complete solution all the way from warehousing, logistics and order fulfillment to distribution with our own postal rights to the end customer. In 2015 Pectus Group distributed more than 50.000.000 shipments to end customers.


Pectus Ab offer daily work to people with disabilties in the community. We believe in contributing to a better society and lifestyle by being a good example and offering workplaces for disabled persons.

The goal is to acieve a win-win-win situation where the individual - company and community wins.